This Magical Cotton Candy Drink Will Shock Just About Anyone



Strawberry Cotton Candy Cocktail

Strawberry Cotton Candy Cocktail

Here’s a video showing you how to make the magic:


4 strawberries
2 1-ounce bags cotton candy
2 limes
⅓ cup vodka
⅔ cup rosé wine
⅔ cup champagne


Make four to five cuts along the length of the strawberry, starting from the pointed end until just before the stem end. Fan the slices apart with your fingers, and set aside.

Separate the cotton candy into two balls. Cut a slit in the center and push the fanned strawberry inside, sealing up the hole afterwards.

Slice half of the lime into rounds, saving the other half for later. Make a single cut on each lime slice, starting from the center and cutting through the rind.

In a large pitcher or jug, mix the vodka and rose. Squeeze the juice from reserved lime half into the mixture, then add champagne.

Place the strawberry-stuffed cotton candy balls into two separate martini glasses.
Place the lime slices on the side of the glass.

Pour the drink mixture around the sides of the cotton candy in a circular motion, and watch it dissolve to reveal the strawberry inside!

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